Darker and Fuller Hair


Hey guys!

So as of last week I am back to darker hair! Over the past couple of weeks I have been thinking about going darker but was a bit nervous as I haven’t dyed my hair for over a year now but last week I decided to just go for it in the hope that I would be happy with my new hair. As well as wanting to dye it I also thought about getting extensions mainly because just before Christmas I went and got my hair cut but instead of the girl cutting one inch off my hair she took four! At first I got over it I mean hair grows back right? but fast forward two months and I was just getting so sick of the short hair. I haven’t worn extensions since second year when I used to dye my hair so much to the point where my hair just gave up and became so damaged that I had to wear extensions to cover up the split ends and thinned out hair. This time around though it was just the shortness of my hair that made me go back to wearing them.

The Extensions

So I decided to purchase a set of clip in extensions from foxylocks . From looking at their Instagram page I ended up going for the 22″ superior 230g seamless clip in extensions in the colour Cocoa. Once they arrived I knew they were the perfect colour that I wanted and the quality of them are insane they’re just so soft and thick!

The Process

Straight after receiving them I made an appointment with the girls in Peter Marks in Wexford to get a semi-permanent colour. When I walked into the salon I got looked after straight away by Alison and I explained to her that I wanted my hair matched to the colour of the extensions and after blow drying my hair and putting the extensions in for me I was so happy with the result as she matched my hair perfectly to them. Although I was a bit surprised as to how long they actually were so we decided to cut an inch or two off them just so they didn’t give off that “fake” feel. Overall, I am in love with my darker locks and love the extensions mainly because I can choose whenever I want to wear them especially for going out as I just can’t see myself putting them in everyday..I’m just too lazy for that. If you’re thinking of getting yourself some extensions I would highly recommend this company.

Much love,

Grace x

In the picture below I used the TRESemmé salon shines waves wand 
TRESemme waves wand





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