Tantastic Self Tan Review

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Hi all, just another little beauty post on a tan that I have been using lately, Tantastic Self Tan.

It’s no secret that I regularly use fake tan, I absolutely love it. I feel so much better about myself when I have a bit of colour and living in Ireland makes it very necessary to have some assistance with this! Although, I am still very new to self tanning as my skin would tan very easily in the sun anyway but because I haven’t been on a sun holiday in over two years now my natural tan has faded and I’ve been left with no other choice but to self tan. Therefore, because I’m so new to this I’m always trying out new tans to see which one best suits me.

I was recently introduced to Tantastic self tan brand  who made their products available in Ireland, (you can purchase from Sam McCauley Pharmacy. I only just recently started using their tan and so far I am really liking it. I love how it applies so easily as well as dries in about 2 minutes!

The lovely girls at Tantastic were kind enough to send me out both their self tan spray and liquid along with a cute tanning mitt. I’ve never used a spray or liquid tan before because I always buy a foam tan as I find this is easy to apply. Therefore, I wasn’t 100% on how I would like applying either of these tans. I used the liquid first as I thought it would’ve been easier to apply than the spray but it turns out I was wrong. I did like the liquid tan as it did dry easily but I found myself having to put on another layer which I would have never of had to do before. The colour I used was medium so the colour was fairly natural which means I’ll more than likely wear it for during the day and not for going out. However, I loved the spray which is surprising because I thought I would hate it. It’s so quick and easy to use. A ll I had to do was just spray it onto the skin and I barely even had to use the mitt to rub the tan in as the tan set very well onto it already. The colour was perfect as it gave me nice bronzed skin. The tan dried in minutes which was great and I let it develop for the 6 hours to get the bronze skin that I love. The smell of both tans is lovely as there is no typical tan smell that comes off them and both were in the shade medium.

I feel that the application process in tanning is key for getting winning results, so I’m also going to be sharing with you my fake tan routine.

-Three Steps for the Perfect Tan-

1. Pre Tan Stage. This stage is all about the prep, and I would argue the most important stage. The more prepared your skin is the better the final results will be… Always! The night before I plan to tan I do a big exfoliating session in the shower using my exfoliating glove Hydrea Exfoliating Glove  . I spend about 10 minutes doing this all over to remove all excess tan from the previous week and dead skin. After, I  moisturise my whole body.

2. Tan Stage. Let the tanning commence! Get that mitt on and go, go, go!  Place a generous amount of tan on the mitt and start in one area at a time. Be methodical; don’t move onto the next “area” until you have fully rubbed in the area you are on, making sure no streaks are left. Keep topping up your mitt and repeat until complete. Pay careful attention to your feet and hands as these tend to be problem areas. I usually start by tanning my feet, then one leg at a time and gradually work upwards. Put some baggy clothes on and leave to absorb for 4-6hours. I’d always go the full 6 hours as I do love a dark tan.

3. Post Tan Stage. Get in the shower and wash off that tan! You might think that you’re washing off too much as a lot of colour will run off in the shower, but don’t panic. Don’t use any exfoliating products here, just usual body wash. You might want to use an old towel to dry, I have a designated ‘fake tan towel’ as some tan might come off onto the towel when drying. After you’ve showered as normal moisturise your skin and you are left with a beautiful glow!

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