Benefit Masterclass with Mark Benefit and Chloe Boucher


Well as you all know from my Instagram and Snapchat I headed to a Benefit Masterclass on Sunday. As a lover of Benefit makeup brand for years now, when I first seen this event advertised I knew I just had to go and finding out  one of my favourite youtubers Chloe Boucher was going to be there made me want to go even more!

The day consisted of prosecco upon arrival, gorgeous cupcakes(which I happily stuffed my face with) and of course the 2 hour beauty masterclass with Mark and Chloe. Even though I was busy laughing at the jokes Mark and Chloe came out with through the whole thing, I did actually manage to take down a few tips for you guys on tanning, how to get the perfect base for foundation and how to get the perfect brows.


Firstly there was a tanning demonstration by Rachel at Vita Liberata. For the demonstration she used the Vita Liberata Fabulous Self Tanning Mousse and mentioned that her go to lately is the Body Blur. She described it as “photoshop in a bottle” which to me sounds like my kind of tan. Rachel then spoke about how preparation is key in getting the perfect tan.

Tip #1 Always exfoliate before tanning with either an exfoliating glove or an exfoliating product but make sure to use a non-oily exfoliating product as these can leave your tan looking blotchy and uneven.

Tip #2 Chloe’s tip on tanning was great. She mentioned that she uses a powder brush to apply Johnson’s baby powder onto her arms and legs after tanning to take away that sticky feeling of the tan.

Getting that flawless base 

For primer Mark mentioned that his all time favourite was the Benefit Porefessional as it covers up those visible pores giving you a flawless finish.

Tip #3 Do not apply primer to the ridge of your nose, only apply it to the sides where there are open pores.

The foundation he recommended the Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation and using a sigma duo fibre brush he blended out the foundation on the model by starting from the centre of the face and blending outwards so that the foundation blends into your hairline.

Tip #4 Use only Duo Fibre brushes for cream products- (Sigma brushes were recommended)

For concealer Mark recommended using Benefit Boi-ing Concealer especially when wanting full coverage. Apply with a flat head brush in a patting motion or what I love to do is use a wet beauty blender.

Tip#5 Apply the concealer in a “V” shape under the eye to avoid creating bags and instead brighten up that area.

Tip #6 Don’t apply the concealer too near your under eye (near the bottom lashline) as this causes creasing.

Perfect Brows 

So Mark being the brow master that he is demonstrated for us on how to get the perfect brows. He used a technique called brow mapping which I found to be very interesting and something I wish I knew about when I first started filling in my brows.

There are three steps to brow mapping.

  1. We must determine on where our brows start.
  2. Where the arch is (highest point of the brow).
  3. Where the brow should end.

Tip #7  When shaping the brows using a product such as the Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil, draw a line underneath the brow from the start of the brow to the arch and then from the arch to the end of the brow. 

Tip #8 When filling in the front of the brow- work upwards using light strokes following the hair growth making it look natural. 


This would be my favourite part to makeup as I love how contour defines the face and really brings out your features. So when Mark and Chloe began giving tips on contouring I was all ears.

There’s no question that Hoola Bronzer by benefit is one of the best bronzers mainly because it’s so pigmented and blends so easily. Both Mark and Chloe mentioned it as one of their holy grail products. She also said that she uses it as eyeshadow as it makes blue eyes pop! Chloe uses the Blank Canvas F04 Angled Brush for applying her bronzer.

Tip #9 When applying bronzer start from the hairline and work your way out towards your mouth in circular motions. Obviously don’t be going all the way to your mouth with the bronzer because that would just be a distaster! Just go about half way to try get those chiseled cheek bones.

Tip #10 Never use a bronzer with a shimmer in it only use a matte bronzer.

So there you go! Those are the top ten tips that I learned from the masterclass on Sunday. Overall I really enjoyed it and got to meet some lovely people such as Kate Kelly who is Digital Co-ordinator of the Benefit Cosmetics Team Ireland and of course got chatting to both Mark and Chloe at the end. Also received a goodie bag at the end containing some brow products from benefit that I cannot wait to try them out!

What I wore

Jeans- Wonder Salsa Jeans

Top- Primark

Coat- Primark

Shoes – Zara


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