DIY: Marble Board

As you can tell  from my Instagram I am literally obsessed with white marble and lately I have been needing some sort of white background to use for flat lays so I thought instead of spending loads of money buying a white marble board why don’t I just make one myself! This DIY was so simple to do and only cost me under €10 which is a complete bargain. I was so happy with how it turned out!


Marble contact paper: I got this entire roll of marble contact paper from Amazon and the dimensions are 45cm x 2m.

Wooden board: Luckily enough I didn’t have to go and buy a wooden board as I used a wooden board from my old wardrobe which I took down when renovating my room last month. However, you can purchase a similar board from any homeware store.

Scissors: Just for some simple cutting.


1. Place the wooden board onto an even surface and roll out enough of your contact paper to cover the entire board. Allow an inch or two extra to hang over the edges as this will be wrapped under the board later.

2. Using your scissors carefully cut your sheet of contact paper. There is a ruler grid on the back of the paper if you’re dead set on having a straight line but I just went ahead and cut whichever way because it’s just going to be folded under and out of sight at the end anyway.

3. Line up the contact paper so it is centered on the board and peel the vinyl from the backing. I started from the right hand corner and just used my hand to smooth down the contact paper onto the wooden board making sure there were no bubbles and it was all smooth.

4. Continued to stick down the vinyl onto the board until the entire board was covered while allowing the extra bit to hang off the edges.

5. Cut each of the corners of the paper to the corner of the board. Try to get as closely as you can to the board.

6. After cutting the corners, I stuck the contact paper to the sides of the board. The contact paper then folded under nicely and lined up perfectly leaving clean corners!

And you’re done! Six easy steps on how to make a marble board for Instagram and home decor.



Beauty Blog Awards 2017!

Hey guys,

As most of you know from my Snapchat stories and instagram feed, I attended the Irish Beauty Blog Awards last Thursday night.

The start of the night was a bit of a disaster when the taxi driver decided to drop Sophie my plus one and I off at the wrong end of Grafton street which lead us to trek down Grafton street in five inch heels in the pouring rain while carrying two umbrellas we had to borrow from our hotel. Eventually, after asking about 10 random people on the street where Lillie’s Bordello was we finally made it to the event.

However, we quickly forgot about our little disaster when we got handed our goodie bags which were filled with so many goodies!(seen down below). Before heading off to the bar to avail of the free drinks we decided to get a few pictures together especially at the magic mirror which we got way too excited about! After a good half an hour of taking pictures we decided we needed a gin and tonic. Near the bar some of the sponsors such as technic, tan organic and fuschia makeup had stalls set up promoting their latest products. There were so many sponsors and the night wouldn’t of been possible without them!

As the awards got under way,  James Patrice who was the MC for the night announced the winner of each category. Even though this year I only made it to the longlist I was delighted to see some of the other Wexford bloggers such as and itsaclothing nominated as finalists. Unfortunately there was no win for any of the girls from Wexford but you never know next year could be our year!

Overall, I had such an amazing night and got to meet so many lovely bloggers. If there’s anything that I have learned from this experience is that there is so much support for and for that I am so grateful! Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to vote for my blog this year I was thrilled to even make it to the longlist!

Outfit Details




Much Love,

Grace x