Travel Diary: Liverpool

Happy Friday everyone!  The best day of the week mainly because its the weekend!

Anyway as you all may know from my social media I spent last weekend in Liverpool as a lil trip away for Ruairi and I to see the city and also visit my brother and his girlfriend who are currently living over there.  Its safe to say that Liverpool shocked both of us as to how good it was like I automatically fell in love with the city and the people.

We booked our flights with Ryanair (first time on our own in an airport and having to figure out everything ourselves and lets just say both me and Ruairi managed to mess up everything lol!)On our first night in Liverpool we stayed in the Pullman hotel and to say it was unreal is an understatement I mean I died when I seen our room and THE VIEW omg I couldn’t deal! We got the superior room and I booked it through the website so the deal we got was very inexpensive. The link to the hotel is here

Things to do:

  • Go shopping in the city centre as it literally has everything
  • Grab a coffee and chat in one of the many cafes
  • Go to the Beatles museum near the docks
  • Go to the World Museum
  • Take a stroll in Sefton Park and go duck spotting (personal fave as I am a tad bit obsessed with ducks lol!)
  • Take a swing at Ghetto Golf which is basically a place where you get drunk and play mini golf with a quirky twist. We all went here as a group on our first night and had so much fun getting drunk off cocktails and trying to play the 18 hole golf course inside this huge warehouse which looked so similar to district 8 in Dublin


Both of us love to have a good night out so we were keen on trying out the night life in Liverpool! The places we checked out and highly recommend are:

  • Irish bar McCooley’s is really good and also The Cavern Club for casual drinks
  • Nightclub wise we went to Level nightclub. Its a 3 floor nightclub and each floor has a different genre of music but of course Ruairi and I stuck to the bottom floor where the house and techno was lol
  • Baa bar is probably our fave place as it was just sooo good. The music, the place, everything! Bit of a story behind that one though..because of course google maps led us to the wrong bar and  we ended up at a Turkish bar sticking out like two sore thumbs while sipping on our drinks as we watched an exotic Turkish dancer prance around the room lol. We left quickly after that and actually found the real Baa bar by accident!

Where we ate:

  • The Hub for breakfast- the french toast that I had here was so amazing!
  • Milo lounge for lunch on Lark lane with my brother and his girlfriend. The food in this cafe is to die for and the best part its dog friendly! I was in my element eating my food and petting all the dogs as they went by!
  • Yard and Coop which is a chicken restaurant. The food was divine! We went here twice it was that good and even the booths are made like a chicken coop like just adorable
  • Nonno an Italian restaurant on lark lane. I recommend getting the pizza if you’re a pizza lover like myself

After that short visit to Liverpool its no surprise to me now that there are loads of things to do in this city. We mainly took it easy over the 3 days and spent most of our time strolling around the city getting lost. Anyway I hope you found this blog post helpful especially if your’re planning a trip there!

Much Love,