Travel Diary: Santa Ponsa


Hey  Guys,

Where do I even begin with this trip? Honestly it was probably the most eventful week of my life spent with

people that just made that holiday so good. Between hitting greenhills nightclub till 6 am, beach swims at all hours in the morning, a trashed apartment and just about getting away with not being fined for shouting out every lyric to the song “love druggie” at pre-drinks it’s safe to say we came back with no voices and not wanting to see another sex on the beach cocktail for a while!

How we got there

We travelled with Ryanair from Dublin airport to Palma de Mallorca. It was about a 2 and a half hour flight which was fine mainly because I slept the whole way. However the bus transfer was not fine. Everyone on the bus was staying at different hotels so every 20 minutes we were stopping at a hotel to let people off. It basically took forever! So if you’re willing to pay for a taxi I’d recommend doing so to get to your hotel a lot quicker.

Where we stayed

We stayed in the Apartamentos Deya which has casual apartments overlooking the pool and bar. Personally I loved the Deya  because its perfect for people around my age group who are just looking to drink and party. The apartments are pretty basic, they’re modern and spacious. The bar down by the pool serves the nicest cocktails which are literally only €5. I wouldn’t call it a hotel to relax in mainly because there is always something going on so families should probably stay away lol!

Also word of warning if staying here expect to pay a 100 deposit and also a tax fee upon arrival due to some stupid law they have out there.


What to do

  • We went to the BH Hotel pool party to see Tom Zanetti. We payed 30 and you basically get free drink and food all day along with the pool party. It starts at 12 and lasts the full day so you get your moneys worth. Literally the best day by far like a pool party was just such an experience. Highly recommend!
  • The sunset booze cruise is another fun thing to do. Its in Magaluf but its literally 10 mins away from Ponsa in a taxi. That costs €55 but that offer was with a rep it may differ depending on who you go to. It starts at around 4pm and lasts 4 hours.


Basically there is tonnes to do in relation to drinking and seshing. You’re going to have reps coming around to you at the pool informing you about events. Word of advice don’t pay in full straight away for the event because what happened to us is when it came to the day of the boat party everyone in our group backed out and lost out on money whereas if you were smart and only pay the deposit then if you back out on the day you only lose out on like a fraction of the full amount!


Where we ate

  • Scotts – right on the strip in Santa Ponsa and its great for food it serves everything from burgers to pasta. Cheap and reasonable. Highly recommend the sangria although be careful on how many glasses to have of it because that stuff will get you drunk especially if you’re a lightweight like me.
  • Croc’s Bistro – really good for the pizza and also cheap
  • Pizzeria Italia – great for paella
  • Toms Pub – good for coffee
  • Cafe okay- good for breakfast
  • Las Olas – ended up going here on our last night. Fab restaurant right on the beach with stunning views. Bit pricey but well worth it for the food!


Realistically this was the main part of the trip because this was a drinking holiday. We went out to bars and clubs in Santa Ponsa and Magaluf.

Santa Ponsa

  • Daniels corner – we went here on our first night and lets just say the tower drinks they serve here killed us! We each threw in €10 and ended up getting SO much drink.
  • Zanza bar – great place for drinks before the nightclub. Make sure to get the scooby snack shots and sex on the beach slushie
  • Greenhills – cant express my love for this nightclub! Full of Irish, cheap drink and good music. Opens till 6am which is one of the reasons we got barely any sleep lol


  • Stereo- probably the best bar we went to! If you’re in a group you’re guaranteed to be dragged in by rep and they’ll offer you drink deals (jugs of cocktails, shots etc). 10/10
  • The Office – good music and cheap drink but wasn’t my fave place because it was just too packed like I was lucky making it out of there alive!
  • Mulligans pub – doesn’t look great from the outside but we all loved it! Its at the end of the strip so we always ended our night in Maga here
  • JD Sports Lounge – good place for casual drinks or even start your night off
  • BCM – we ended up not going here because we heard admission in and drinks are ridiculously expensive. At the same time its meant to be an unreal nightclub so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to splash the cash to experience it


Overall a very memorable holiday! Very different experience to the usual family holiday that I’m used to.I actually managed to come back with some money but drinks are that cheap out there I’m not surprised.  I’d definitely recommend going in a big group and try stick together or with at least one or two in the group especially in Magaluf because it’d be very easy to lose your friends in the sea of people on the strip.

Hope those tips were useful!



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