Music Festival Survival Guide


Electric picnic is less than two weeks away and with it being my second time going to the festival I thought I’d share my festival tips on how to survive especially if it’s your first time going to a festival like this one that includes camping.

Last year before heading to my first music festival I made sure to prepare myself in some way by looking up what to bring, where to camp etc and I know that it helped me but at the same time I just had to learn for myself on how to survive a festival like this one because let’s face it no YouTube video on festival tips could prepare anyone for the crazy three days at electric picnic. Anyway I’ve come up with a list that I feel people who have never went to a festival like this before need to know.


Festival Tips

1. Prior organization is key! Make sure that you have most things organized before going to the festival such as transport to and from the festival, have your money and ticket sorted, make lists of what you need to bring or what you need to get like a tent etc.

2. Make sure to pack for all types of weather. Luckily last year the weather was so nice at EP but it’s Ireland so there’s always bound to be raining so pack a raincoat, boots, warm clothes and even cool clothes if the weather turns out nice

3. There’s a few different camp sites at EP and each one is different in terms of age groups and even some are better than others. Personally I loved the Hendrix campsite mainly because it’s close to everything and is  more so the campsite for younger people but in saying that anyone of any age can camp anywhere but Hendrix is just known as the more lively campsite so it suited us more.

4. Get there as early as you can. I arrived at EP last year at around 11am and was very lucky to get a spot to pitch my tent. If you get there early you’re more likely to get a good spot with all your friends on the campsite.

5. Don’t camp near the amusements. Let’s just say it’s not ideal waking up at 6am to the repetitive and irritating music from the amusements. Avoid the amusements at all costs if you actually want to get some sleep lol.

6. Plan what acts you want to see for definite with your friends. This way you’ll come home knowing you seen a good few acts that you love because it’s hard enough to see everyone you want especially if your friends have different taste in music to you.  Download the EP app and that tells you what acts are on at certain times.

7. Pitch your tent somewhere that you can remember where it is. Of course I was the one who couldn’t find her tent at 4am and circled that campsite about 4 times to only end up having to crash in a friends tent so word of advice put your tent somewhere noticeable.

8. Make sure all your drink is in plastic bottles because no glass bottles are allowed in.

9. Keep your shoes/boots inside the tent. It’s an easy mistake leaving your boots outside the tent to only wake up to soaking boots.

10. Make sure to always stick with your friends. I mean this is a typical point to make but always stay either in a group or with a friend. Nothing worse than getting lost at a festival surrounded by 100s of people.


What to bring

1. Make sure to bring enough clothes for the three days but not too many because you don’t want to end up carrying it all. Bring clothes for warm and cold weather.

2. Good pair of boots. Either bring wellies or just general black boots. It might rain and get mucky so boots are the best footwear to have on.

3. Bring a good raincoat just in case it rains which it most likely will.

4.Bring enough money for food and drink. There’s no need to bring a tonne of food with you because you’ll most likely just get the food from the food vans.

5. Bags wise what I’m doing this year is putting all my drink in a rucksack and carrying that on my back. Everything else is going in a suitcase. Last year I stupidly carried about 5 bags and watched people happily go by wheeling a suitcase through the campsite while I  was there nearly in tears from the weight of the bags.

7. Bring toilet roll. No doubt the toilet roll will run out in the cubicles after day one.

8. Bring snacks because even though I bought all my food in the food vans it was handy to have snacks in my tent for when I felt peckish.

9. Bring the warmest pyjamas you have for night. Every night last year I was absolutely freezing because I didn’t layer up enough at night so take my advice and bring your fluffy pjs and socks and you’ll thank me later!

10. To stay as hygienic as possible bring your deodorant, makeup wipes,hand sanitizer etc.

11. Bring your basic makeup. Just bring makeup that you can wear everyday as well as one eyeshadow palette that you can use for different eye looks everyday.

12. Bring a blanket and pillow because you’ll need it for the night. A yoga mat for under your sleeping bag is handy to bring too for extra comfort when sleeping.

13. Bring about 2-3 power banks to charge up your phone over the weekend.

14. A fanny pack will be your best friend that is a must to bring to a festival.

15. Bring a bottle or plastic cups to put your alcohol and mixer into so that you can use that to pre-drink on the campsite because you can’t bring drink in with you into the stage area.

And that’s basically it! All of my tips from going for the first time last year. Hopefully some of these will help you survive the festival instead of being like me and learning the hard way lol.

Much love,POSS3888[1]


January Blues

Do you ever feel so negative about something in your life that the more you think about it the more it feels worse. Unfortunately I find myself  thinking this way about blogging and the content I create on Instagram.

The posts I write are never about my thoughts especially not my negative ones as I find that I am generally a positive person and just hate thinking negatively in general. I usually like to keep my posts positive but as an honest person I feel that it’s important as a blogger to be honest with my followers as well as with myself.

Anyway I’m not sure what it is but over the past couple of days I find myself not wanting to upload onto Instagram at all as I feel that this content isn’t good enough which is awful to say but at the end of the day I’m human and I can’t hep but overthink. And my god do I overthink! I’ve been comparing myself to other bloggers which I know is the worst thing you can do but I find myself sitting there thinking why isn’t my content as good as theirs. I mean in this industry it’s hard not to but I guess I  just need to start thinking that mine is different from others.

I also have so much free time on my hands with college not starting back till next Monday but with this mood I’m in I can’t find any inspiration or ideas to blog about. I just haven’t been feeling that excitement I usually feel before I blog post. However I can safely say that this is the first time I have ever felt this way about my blog and content since I started which the more I think about is normal (I hope) because as I am sure I am not the only blogger in this industry to feel this way at some point about their blog.

I know this feeling will eventually shift and I will hopefully wake up tomorrow morning feeling inspired and start to generate more ideas. Anyway I know I will become my usual positive self again in relation to my blog. I believe its important to express how you feel and by me typing my thoughts out it has already made me feel better. I’m sure that this is only the feeling of the January blues! I just need to remind myself why I started blogging in the first place. I love doing it so much and I’m excited to see where it takes me.

Thanks for listening to me babble on about my problems lol!

Much love,