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Hi guys,

I’m finally back blog writing after being MIA for so long with college work just taking over my life. I finished up on my first year of college last week so I have some time to myself to write before I have to start studying for my exams at the end of the month.

I figured since I’m heading off to Santa Ponsa for a girls holiday at the start of June I may aswell do a blog post relating to that because I’ve been slowly preparing for the holiday by buying a few bits and pieces including some of my travel essentials that I always bring away with me on my carry on. Below are some of my must haves that I’ve always brought with me when going on holiday. Just click on the pictures to shop!

  1. Hydrating Face Mask

I bought this mask in Liverpool and used it for the first time there recently and it’s become one of my favourite sheet masks. My skin is always so dry from sitting in the sun so I’ll defintely be bringing a few of these to keep it hydrated!

Ive always brought a travel size shampoo and conditioner away with me on holiday in my carry on. They’re so small they can fit anywhere and they always seem to last me a good few days. I always go for a moisturizing or hydrating one because the chlorine from the pool always dries out my hair.

This is a must in my carry on mainly because you’re not allowed bring a big bottle of spray deodorant. This is so handy to use when away on holiday and I’ve found it works just as good as the spray deodorant. You can get this pretty much anywhere for €3.

A travel size can of dry shampoo will be your best friend on holiday. Keeps it from looking greasy and makes your hair smell amazing. For beach days I’ll be putting this into my bag just in case my hair gets greasy lying in the sun. These are available to buy in any pennys store.

If you’re going away to somewhere hot a good moisturizer is needed. I’ve used this one a few times on holiday and it always leaves my skin super soft. It contains aloe Vera and shea butter which is great for your skin after sun exposure. I also smell like mangoes after putting it on so no complaints there!

I’m one of the lucky ones who tans really easily so tanning oil is my best friend while on holiday. This is a new tanning oil that I found on Instagram and I’ve always been keen to try it out. I’ve heard so many great reviews about it so I’m excited to see what it’s like.

Never one to read on a daily basis just not my thing and to be honest I do not have the time. However on the plane I love to read and even when sunbathing by the pool or at the beach. I’m more of a fiction person but I’m interested to see what this book is like and who knows my mind set might be completely changed coming off that plane from Ponsa.

Have a great weekend guys!POSS3888[1]


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